Kyowa Kogyos ultra precise processing techniques are low cost and are applied to DVD shafts, motor shafts, various slide bearing shafts, and graduated layered shafts.
Please contact us when you need better products on roundness, tapering, straightness and smoothness of surface.
Characteristics of "Precision Shafts"

1. The accuracy of our production is based on JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and all our Ultra Precise, Precise and Standard products are produced with our on-depth experience and expert techniques.
2. We can manufacture products in various sizes, ranging from0.5 up to 50 in external diameter and 1mm up to 500 mm in length.
3. Materials used are SUS420 series, SUS440, SUJ2, SUS330 and SUS304, ranging from HRC40up to 65in solidity.
4. We can meet requested delivery time for both large and small quantities.
5. We will process custom products to satisfy your specifications.
6. You can obtain low cost solutions since we are a specialized manufacturer.
Please find precise measurements of our shafts by clicking each of the following measured values.

Measurement of Cylindricity in External diameter.

Measurement of Roundness.

KYOWA SHAFT Captures the Woerld's attention

Measurement of Outline Figure.

Measurement of@Roughness of each end.

Measurement of External@Roughness.

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